Vampire Diaries/Gossip Girl Crossover?

Could it be true? Could there be a crossover between the latest teen vampire romance TV hit The Vampire Diaries and the snooty students of high class high school drama Gossip Girl? Well, Vampire Diaries producer Bob Levy promises to work on it...

The idea came up when E! Online's Kristen Stewart was interviewing Levy and proposed the idea. It's not a completely off the wall suggestion. Both shows are on the CW network and apparently stars Nina (Vampire) Dobrev and Leighton (Gossip) Meester are friends having worked together on the movie Roommates.

"I love that idea!" responded Levy. "We're gonna work on that. You have my word."

Possible problem: Vampire Diaries shoots in Atlanta and Gossip Girl shoots in New York. "The trick is tearing Nina away from Atlanta," explained Levy. "She's in almost every scene of every episode. So it's hard scheduling-wise to work that out. But I love that pitch! Good pitch. We're gonna work to make it happen."

Nina Dobrev added: "Oh my god, I would love to be on Gossip Girl," Nina said. "I feel like it's hard to do because we're both so busy. But I would love to, and I would for her to be on our show. Leighton would make a great vampire, I think!"

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