Valve on art style: industry plays it safe

Dec 10, 2007

Valve's art director on Team Fortress 2 reckons games have a long way to go when it comes to art style.

"I think video games are at such infancy in terms of art style, actually developing it. We're dealing with 4000 years, really, of art and conceptual design," Moby Francke told Gamasutra.

"For it really not to be utilized, and for the industry to basically dwell in a certain type of genre, which has been around the 1980s up to present time -it's pretty much all they're embracing... Hopefully people will wake up someday."

Francke believes the reason unique art styles aren't seen too often in games is because of the high risks involved with producing a game. "But I think when you take high risks, sometimes the results will be much better. That's what we were lucky to achieve with Team Fortress 2."

When asked about GTA's art style, he said "It just seems like other games out there.”

Courtesy of CVG.