Uwe Boll takes on his critics - and wins

A while back, you’ll remember that Uwe Boll - the man responsible for Alone In The Dark and House Of The Dead - threw up a challenge to his fiercest critics: fight him in the boxing ring.

Four men entered, including Ain’t It Cool News’ Jeff Schneider, Richard “Lowtax” Kuaka from SomethingAwful.com, web critic Nelson Chance Minter and Chris Alexander of Rue Morgue, and all ended up on the canvas thanks to Boll’s superior boxing skills.

Thing is, Boll had an advantage from the start – he has a history as a boxer. In fact, he was being hit round the chops when other people were learning to make decent films.

Footage from the fights was planned as an extra on the DVD of Boll’s film Postal – but this is the age of the lightning fast Interweb, and YouTube already has it (hurry while its still there). Total Film’s own News Ed, Jonathan Crocker, had volunteered to take on Boll, but we think Dr B would be far too scared of "Crocky Balboa". If he wants to drop us a line, Crocker’s already in his boxing shorts and quoting dialogue from Fight Club. But then, that’s just his normal day in the office.

Source: Gareth Von Kallenbach at sknr.net