User-created games now on Xbox 360!

Big news for Xbox 360 owners; Microsoft has launched Xbox Live Community Games which allowsusers to upload their own homemade games for download on Xbox Live.

According to Microsoft Game Developer Group General Manager (yikes, what a title)Chris Satchell, free trials of these community created games should be available on Xbox Live "immediately," though we can't see them on our consoles yet.

"Now, 10 million people on Xbox Live get to play your game," he said. "'Xbox Live Community Games will give creators a huge audience to share their creativity with. Game distribution will be democratized, allowing the community to control the content. Create, Submit, Peer Review, Play are the four key steps... We want creativity to flow through this pipeline.

XNA Studio users can upload games using a "creator identity," which keeps track of all the games you've made in the past.

Satchell showed off a short demo of user-created game called Jellycar, featuring a cartoon car driving through a crayon world.

The only question now islong until we see a decent homebrew game though?

Source: Joystiq

Courtesy of CVG.

Feb 21, 2008