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US box office goes Chicken

Even a better-than-expected opening for both Chicken Little and Jarhead couldn’t halt the now-traditional panic that the sky is falling on the US box office.

Still, there was good news for Disney, which saw Chicken Little grab $40.1 million despite some dodgy reviews. And for all the Mouse House’s celebrations, Little’s success was small fry compared to Pixar’s The Incredibles, which debuted last year to a $70 million opening weekend.

Universal were also chuffed with Jarhead, as Jake Gyllenhaal and his Marine mates managed to storm into second place with $28.8 million. Both of the top two launched $10 million ahead of studio expectations. "Immediately after Halloween, whatever it is, people's mind-set turns to movies," said Chuck Viane, Head of Distribution for Disney. "There's such anticipation for Potter, Narnia and Kong. There are some monstrously big openings ahead of us."

Saw II had its box office returns sliced down to $17.2 million, although the film’s producers, Lion’s Gate, will still be happy with its $65 million total on two weeks of release. News wasn’t so good for Nicolas Cage’s latest outing, The Weather Man, which has so far taken only $8.7 million. If the weather hasn’t brought good fortune to Cage, maybe Wicker will – as in his remake of The Wicker Man, which is due next year…