Universe at War delayed until 2008

Oct 1, 2007

Petroglyph's PC version of its RTS Universe at War: Earth Assault has been delayed.

Originally the game was due out on November 2 for PC, but it's now been pushed back to January 2008.

"The new release date means that both the PC version and Xbox 360 version will launch closer together, allowing gamers to enjoy the full experience of this fantastic RTS from acclaimed developer, Petroglyph", a Sega rep told us.

Universe at War: Earth Assault features a good old-fashioned alien invasion of Earth scenario, and it's only the first instalment in a series that Petroglyph plans.

"At this point, if you looked at the first Universe at War game as the initial chapter in an ongoing saga, there are at least two more chapters of material we've got fleshed out... and a whole bunch of directions we can go in after that," the developer told us in an interview earlier in the year.

The game was the first third-party title announced to support cross-platform play between PC and Xbox 360.

Courtesy of CVG.