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Uncharted: Unseen jungle gameplay

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is one of the best looking PS3 game we've seen to date.And withnewsthat ademoof Naughty Dog's fabulous creationis on its way to the PlayStation Store soon, we just hadto take adventurer Nathan Drake for another trip around thetropical jungle.

This piece of the action features Drake traversing his way over a beautiful, if rather dangerous, waterfall, and is one of the many standout moments you%26rsquo;ll encounter in the relatively early stages of the game.

The demo is set to hit the (US) PSN8 November, and willfeature the first four levels of the game. While the full game is set to land on US shores19 November, followed by the UK release on 7 December. However, if that's just too long to wait, youcan checkoutsome highlights from the first hourhere.