The Uncharted movie's sixth director is Bumblebee boss Travis Knight

(Image credit: Naughty Dog)

The Uncharted movie has its sixth director lined up: Travis Knight, who made his live-action directing debut with Bumblebee last year. Deadline reports that the game adaptation is still set to star actor Tom Holland - who was recently confirmed for at least one more Spider-Man MCU movie, thanks to an agreement between Disney and Sony. Though we don't know anything about Knight's plans for the film, previous director Dan Trachtenberg said it would follow Nathan Drake before the events of the original Uncharted game.

Trachtenberg exited the production in August , which he attributed to "creative differences" on his personal Twitter account. At the same time, Sony revealed that the Uncharted movie would be the first film from its new PlayStation Productions studio. When PlayStation Productions was announced earlier this year, Sony said it would focus on creating adaptations of PlayStation properties in both film and television, with a greater emphasis on collaboration between game makers, filmmakers, and the community of PlayStation fans. The movie is still set to enter production in early 2020.

Before directing the Transformers prequel, Travis Knight specialized in stop motion animation, having directed Kubo and the Two Strings and led animation work on The Boxtrolls, ParaNorman, and Coraline. I think it would be pretty cool if Sony suddenly decided to make the Uncharted movie stop motion too and just have Tom Holland do the voice for a plastic Nathan Drake figurine, but maybe another change in direction for the chronically delayed and deferred movie is not the best idea right now.

There's no guarantee that Knight will stick around at the helm, like the five directors who preceded him. However, with Sony taking the project up as its first, flagship PlayStation Production and work set to begin early next year, we may finally have an Uncharted movie coming our way. Maybe.

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