Uncharted movie loses David O. Russell in utterly unsurprising twist

It's time for you to learn a new word. The word is “hypercredible,” and it means “something so obvious that you have trouble believing it actually happened.” Case in point: the Uncharted movie. If David O. Russell had come out with the most amazing movie ever, you'd say, “that's incredible!” But if you were to hear that the famously contrary artist had taken his leave of the project citing creative differences, you'd conclude that it was so obvious he must be joking. “Creative differences?” Seriously?

Above: The Uncharted movie is represented here by that wrecked plane, and Uncharted 3 is symbolized by, um, the fact that this is a shot of Uncharted 3

The phenomenally unsurprising news comes via Variety, who report that Russell's split with Sony, while “amicable,” leaves the project almost back at square one: with Russell favorite Mark Wahlberg never formally attached to the project, casting must start basically from scratch (perhaps Nathan Fillion finally?), while a new writer is sought to take the initial script beyond first-draft stage. Sony, said to be “aggressively developing” the movie, is still producing the movie with Spider-Man/Iron Man film mega-producer Avi Arad.

Nevertheless, come on: notoriously stubborn director of high-profile art movies wants to make adventure videogame into family drama? You can't say Russell's departure is a shock. It's so obvious you have trouble believing it had the nerve to up and happen, especially considering Russell being famous for his issues when working with people who aren’t Mark Wahlberg. It's not incredible news – it's the furthest thing from it. Don't you agree? What do you think the chances are now of seeing the Uncharted movie released?

May 26, 2011

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