Unannounced Iron Man game will release before Black Panther and be developed by Motive, says insider

Iron Man #25/#650 cover
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Games industry insider Jeff Grubb has revealed that whilst the heavily rumored Iron Man did not make an appearance at D23 after all, the game is still in development.

In a couple of tweets following the Disney & Marvel Games Showcase, journalist Grubb tweeted that developer Motive is "doing Iron Man after Dead Space", whilst a team of "former Shadow of Mordor developers will make Black Panther". 

Linking to an article that hinted that EA's Iron Man game may have been at the showcase, Grubb said: "This is the other game I was talking about when we went over the Black Panther stuff. You shouldn't have to wait much longer to hear about it, but you will have to wait to play it. Although it's coming before Black Panther.

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"Motive is doing Iron Man after Dead Space [remake]," he added in a subsequent tweet. "A team of former Shadow of Mordor devs will make Black Panther."

Interestingly, when asked if the Black Panther game announced today was the same one he reported on a short while back, he responded with a definitive: "No. Different".

As for when the games may get released? Well, we all know the dangers of committing to a release window too soon, but when pressed for an idea of a release window, Grubb guessed that the development team was likely looking at "three years at the earliest".

As for the Dead Space remake? Well, that's set to release on January 27, 2023.

Back in March, it was reported that the Dead Space remake had been internally delayed to early 2023, and then the date was formally pushed back. It's being developed using EA's proprietary Frostbite engine, which was used to make Star Wars: Squadrons and the Battlefront 2 campaign, and though it seems like the story will play out pretty faithfully to the original 2008 sci-fi horror classic, we've already seen examples of the ground-up visual overhaul and boosted game's sound design and art direction.

The Dead Space Remake will also feature a gross new "peeling" tech to make carving up Necromorphs as realistic as possible and it looks fantastic.

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