Ultimate Spider-Man #3 finally gives Peter Parker his classic costume in the most adorable way possible

Ultimate Spider-Man #3
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When the new Ultimate Spider-Man launched, its fully grown dad version of Peter Parker didn't even have his powers yet, let alone his classic costume - just a plain black stealth suit made of Stark tech. But now, in March 27's Ultimate Spider-Man #3, he finally gets his classic red and blue costume, and its origin in the new Ultimate Universe is as cute as can be.

Spoilers ahead for Ultimate Spider-Man #3

Ultimate Spider-Man #3 by writer Jonathan Hickman, artist Marco Checchetto, color artist Matthew Wilson, and letterer Cory Petit is all about Peter Parker and his relationships - more specifically, who gets to keep his secret identity.

Right now, the only one in his family who knows is his daughter May, who caught him sneaking around in his suit in Ultimate Spider-Man #2. His wife Mary Jane and son Richard are in the dark, though they half-jokingly suspect Peter and May are keeping a secret.

As soon as they have some time to themselves, Peter takes May out on their roof to show her his suit and more of his powers. As delighted as she is, May doesn't like how "scary" Peter's black costume is, so she guides him through several attempts at designing a new look.

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It takes a few tries (and some brutally honest feedback like only a child can deliver), but Peter finally lands on his version of the classic Spider-Man costume, much to May's approval.

It's a fun sequence, and a pretty darn cute father-daughter moment between Peter Parker and May, showing us exactly how the new Ultimate Peter Parker's life differs from his mainstream Marvel Universe counterpart. It also highlights just how great Pete can work as a character even (and often especially) when he's married with kids, losing nothing of his usual charm.

With his new look locked in, Peter goes to see his Uncle Ben and J. Jonah Jameson at the crummy new office for their burgeoning paper, where he sees a board full of evidence connecting the Green Goblin to multiple attacks on properties owned by Wilson Fisk.

Peter goes on a stakeout at one of Fisk's remaining untouched properties, and just as he's about to pack it in, Green Goblin shows up to destroy the place. But there's one more villain in the mix - Bullseye - who has been paid by Fisk to take down the Green Goblin. However, with Spider-Man's help, Green Goblin is able to fend off the assassin.

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In the aftermath, Goblin wings Bullseye away on an automated Goblin Glider to a secret location to imprison him, certain that the cops are on Fisk's corrupt payroll. What's more, Goblin has a surprise for Peter: he hacks into his suit's technology and uses it to remove Peter's mask, revealing his secret identity.

Though Peter is shocked, he's quickly put at ease by Goblin removing his own helmet to reveal that he's Harry Osborn, and suggesting the two of them discuss what's next. Peter agrees, and that's where things leave off.

It seems as though Hickman is putting another new spin on one of Peter's classic relationships, this time bringing in Harry Osborn as a friend late in Pete's life, and also turning the Green Goblin into a tenuous ally for Spider-Man (as well as changing which Osborn became the Goblin first, and why).

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But that could be building up to something tragic, if Peter's friend and ally Harry Osborn eventually turns on him, making the Green Goblin into an even more personal enemy down the road.

We'll find out more in April 24's Ultimate Spider-Man #4, which introduces the new Ultimate version of Gwen Stacy. 

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