An indie studio is putting together a game bundle to aid Ukraine

Hyper Gunsport
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An indie game studio is putting together a bundle of games to benefit charities for Ukrainians during the country's current war with Russia.

Necrosoft Games, an indie studio that contributed to last year's indie bundle for Palestinian Aid and 2020's bundle for racial justice, is now spearheading its own Itch project to benefit Ukraine as it continues to fight back against Russia's invasion. 

"Just as with the Bundle for Palestinian Aid (opens in new tab) and the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality (opens in new tab), what we do as game developers can have a very positive effect on the world," reads the project's description over on (opens in new tab). "This is one of the greatest things about - even if your game isn't a best seller, you have the opportunity to help people in need by sheer volume."

Necrosoft is accepting submissions from developers to have their games included in the bundle. The goal is to close submissions on Friday, March 4 at 11:59pm PDT (7:59 GMT Saturday the 5th), and launch the bundle to the public on Monday, March 7, "but we'll see if we can make it by then." Some late submissions will be accepted, but eventually there will be a firm cutoff date.

There are a couple of rules for submissions, but overall it seems pretty simple. First and foremost, Necrosoft isn't accepting free games for the charity bundle for a few different reasons. If you have a paid game you'd like to be included, just reply to the project's page from your developer account and leave a link to your game. 

If your game is chosen for the bundle, proceeds will be split evenly to benefit two charities. International Medical Corps (opens in new tab) currently has ongoing operations in Ukraine to provide medical assistance and training to those affected by the war. Meanwhile, Voices of Children (opens in new tab) is a Ukrainian charity that helps children cope with the horrors of war, PTSD, readjusting to school, and more.

As submissions are still ongoing, there haven't been any games confirmed for the bundle just yet, but we'll keep this page updated as we learn more. Necrosoft released "puzzle meets tower defense" game Gunhouse (opens in new tab) in 2020 and its latest title, Hyper Gunsport (opens in new tab), is available to wishlist now on Steam.

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