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Yes, that is Stephen Fry as Clovis Bray's AI in Destiny 2's latest expansion, Warmind

If you're already deep into Destiny 2's Warmind update and feel like the voice of the AI in the Clovis Bray facility (featured in the Will of the Thousands mission) sounds familiar, you're right. It's none other than actor, presenter, and former voice of LittleBigPlanet's Sackboy, Stephen Fry.

A Bungie spokesperson confirmed the celebrity cameo to PC Gamer in an email, and pointed out that comedian and actor Alonzo Bodden also makes an appearance in the expansion. You can here his speech during the Escalation Protocol mode.

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Fry only has a few lines, but it's always a pleasure to hear his perfect enunciation while you're trying to save the galaxy. Besides the LittleBigPlanet series, he's previously rented out his vocal chords to Fable 2 and Fable 3, and a few Harry Potter spin-offs. Personally, I think his silky tones could be added to almost any game for an instant improvement. 

As for Warmind, that's out today, and brings a bunch of new stuff for Guardians. There's the new Rasputin storyline featuring Ana Bray, new gear and exotics, new strikes The Will of Thousands and Strange Terrain (plus Insight Terminus for PS4 players), new Meltdown and Solitude crucible maps, and endgame fun in Escalation Protocol. Perhaps most importantly, it also adds an emote wheel, so you're free to express yourself. 

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