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Xbox shares new Xbox Series X startup sound on Twitter

Update: The official Xbox social media channel has taken to using the recent audio tweet feature to share the Xbox Series X startup sound. You may have already heard this particular synthy sound in the short video above that we previously reported was confirmed to be the new sound for the upcoming next-gen console. 

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Ahead of the Xbox Series X gameplay reveal, Microsoft shared a 16-second video promoting the event. The video opens with what looked and sounded like the boot-up sequence for the Xbox Series X. The captioning for the video specifically labels it as a "new Xbox sound", and the description for the video opens with "boot up a new episode", which added more fuel to the fire that this was indeed a preview of the sound we'll hear when we boot up the new console. 

Xbox Series X development chief Jason Ronald later confirmed in an interview with Eurogamer that we are indeed witnessing the startup of the next generation. The video shows the actual boot animation for the new console.tart-up sound. 

Based on this preview, the Xbox Series X startup screen is pretty much what you'd hope for. The logo bleeds in as a flare illuminates it from behind, all while a smooth, ethereal synth swells in the background. I also love the faint metallic whine which, in this case, gives way to an event promo, but which will presumably send us into the console's main menu when we actually boot it up. It's a neat little soundscape, and it's cool to actually hear next-gen consoles in action. 

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