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Xbox Series X release date leaked but Microsoft says it's "inaccurate"

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Update: Microsoft has changed the site that revealed the Xbox Series X release date, removing the reference to "Thanksgiving 2020" and returning its original "Holiday 2020" language. Here's a screenshot of the site from before Microsoft reverted the update:

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Xbox Live boss Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb said on his personal Twitter account that it was "inaccurately listed."

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All that said, unless Microsoft was briefly hacked in an extremely subtle way, the Thanksgiving date presumably had to be there for a reason. We'll keep an eye out for further details and let you know when we have them.

Original story: The Xbox Series X release date is official, and it's set for November 26, 2020 - otherwise known as Thanksgiving in the United States.

Microsoft previously confirmed that the console would arrive sometime in the 'Holiday 2020' release window. The Thanksgiving date, which currently appears on on international versions of the site, definitely falls within that window. Oddly, it doesn't appear on the US version of the site yet, which is the country that actually celebrates Thanksgiving on the last Thursday of November.

Even better than coming out in 'Holiday 2020' (or worse, depending on if you work retail), it's also on an actual holiday. The Xbox Series X release date will put it at the forefront of holiday shoppers and Black Friday bargain hunters. That said, it will probably be a little early to start holding out on big sales - though you really never know with Black Friday.

Microsoft has positioned Xbox Series X as fundamentally part of the same Xbox family, with full support for Xbox One games and the current-generations efforts toward backwards compatibility. Certain games will even come to the console with automatically upgraded versions via a new feature called Smart Delivery. That said, it's going to be by far the most handsome and capable member of the Xbox family, with Xbox Series X specs that reveal a powerful machine capable of making better looking games set in bigger, more reactive worlds.

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