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Xbox Games with Gold August 2020: Get Portal Knights and Override: Mech City Brawl

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The Xbox Games with Gold lineup for August 2020 is official, and it's giving you a selection of four fresh freebies to round out your summer. As usual, Xbox Live Gold subscribers will get access to two Xbox One games and two Xbox 360 games - the latter of which can also be played on Xbox One, thanks to its extensive backwards compatibility.

The Xbox Games with Gold picks for August 2020 are co-op sandbox RPG Portal Knights and 4-player beat-em-up Override: Mech City Brawl on Xbox One. Representing the original Xbox are motocross racer MX Unleashed and gritty sci-fi shooter Red Faction 2.

These games follow on from last month's selection, which included Saints Row 2, Juju, and WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship. The fourth title, Dunk Lords, will still be available through the first half of the month - you have until August 15 to claim it. Now, here's some more info about each of the Xbox Games with Gold you can pick up this month, including the dates they'll be available.

Xbox Games with Gold August 2020

Portal Knights: August 1 - August 31 on Xbox One

If you ever wished your Minecraft adventures had a little more, well, adventure to them, you should give Portal Knights a try. Half survival-crafting game and half RPG, Portal Knights lets you choose a class, collect gear, and clear out quests, all as you build out your home and search for ever more powerful materials. Portal Knights keeps its world fresh with overlapping events, and you can join friends in up to four-player co-op online or two-player splitscreen co-op.

Override: Mech City Brawl: August 16 - September 15 on Xbox One

Face off against your friends or NPC foes in Override: Mech City Brawl, a game of battles between towering giant robots. Each mech has its own unique moves and playstyle, and you and up to four friends can even pilot a single mech in co-op mode, with each player assuming Voltron-style control over a single part. If you're in a more competitive mood, you can try out local and online versus modes, or go solo on a world tour of destruction in the single-player campaign.

MX Unleashed: August 1 - 15 on Xbox One and Xbox 360

It's just you, your dirt bike, and wide open stretches of land to speed through (and over) in MX Unleashed. Unless you're doing a race, in which case it's you, your dirt bike, and a bunch of other racers on their dirt bikes all jockeying for position. You can pull off a wide range of stunts and find hidden secrets as you explore the motocross playground.

Red Faction 2: August 16 - August 31 on Xbox One and Xbox 360

Before Red Faction Guerrilla took the series into open-world Mars, Red Faction and Red Faction 2 let you blow the hell out of their first-person shooter levels. Red Faction 2 comes from that unique era of shooters that all wanted to out-Halo Halo (not to be confused with the delicious Filipino dessert), with a bunch of vehicle action and dramatic setpieces. Maybe Red Faction 2 didn't quite give the Chief a run for his money, but it is still a fun action romp.

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