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Dan Jurgens draws his first X-Men story

X-Men Legends #10
X-Men Legends #10 interior art (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Marvel's X-Men Legends title was created as a sandbox for titular X-Men creative legends to return to the franchise to continue classic storylines. But while December's X-Men: Legends #10 welcomes back iconic '90's X-Men writer Fabian Nicieza for his second story, he'll be joined by fan-favorite veteran comic book writer-artist Dan Jurgens drawing Marvel's merry mutants for the very first time. 

X-Men Legends #10 cover (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Nicieza's first storyline tackled the long-time question about the third Summers' brother Adam X, and this time the writer will stick with the numerical theme to introduce the Eighth Circle, which appears to be a new concept (although based on the art and the conceit of the title, set in the past), which Marvel describes as the mutant community's own Illuminati, a theme that has been prevalent in today's Krakoa X-Men era.

The players involved are Professor X, Beast, Magneto, Moira MacTaggert, and Amanda Mueller, a character Nicieza introduced in the '00s in Gambit. They're assembled by Mr. Sinister to discuss "the evolution of Homo superior," but when Sinister is involved his agenda likely is self-involved and devious and Marvel promises at least "one dead body before dessert."

Given how X-Men history has played out, our money is on Amanda Mueller. 

"It's always fun to write Mr. Sinister, and the opportunity to broaden a storyline that never got full traction back in the day was cool," says Nicieza in the announcement. "But the real treat was teaming with Dan Jurgens for the first time, after all this time! Another notch in my belt for great artists I've been privileged to work with!"

X-Men Legends #10 interior art by Dan Jurgens (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Jurgens says when he was asked to draw the issue, he "couldn't possibly say no."

"After all, it's one of the few top drawer properties that I really haven't worked on,” he says. "The fact that it was written by my longtime pal Fabian Nicieza cemented the deal. We've always talked about working together but weren't able to make it happen—until now!"

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