Wii U games and console review

Little Inferno

From the review: “The puzzle elements, albeit light and nonsensical, are fun and imaginative. Burning different items together in hopes of unlocking new combos is, in a weird, sadistic way, somewhat soothing, as is watching the well-modeled objects slowly turn to pieces as the fire immolates. Though it’s a little too short and a little too expensive, the mostly unseen world outside the Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace is charming and impressive, and absolutely worth experiencing.”

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Madden NFL 13

From the review: “The Madden franchise has tons of potential on the Wii U, and a solid foundation has been laid for the future. With a few key adjustments to play-calling, frame-rate, and physics, it’s possible that the Wii U could host the most interesting Madden version next fall. In the meantime, Madden’s debut on Nintendo’s brand-new system is good for a bit of fun but won’t last for the long term.”

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Mass Effect 3: Special Edition

From the review: “If you really, really want to play Mass Effect and simply can’t get your hands on it for other consoles, the Wii U version will definitely work, and it’s a fine iteration. But unless you fall into that niche, it’s likely worth grabbing the games on other consoles so that you can get the full experience.”

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NBA 2K13

From the review: “Ultimately, NBA 2K13 on the Wii U is a blast, if not for all the reasons you’d expect. Using the GamePad screen to play gives the best experience and also frees up the TV for other use, which has proven to be an unexpected bonus of the Wii U overall. If it weren’t for the choppy framerate of the standard game modes, NBA 2K13 would be a contender for the best sports game on the platform. While it offers a unique experience that can’t be had elsewhere, it also falls a bit short of the high bar the franchise has set for itself.”

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New Super Mario Bros U

From the review: “Though still not as revolutionary as recent 3D Marios, New Super Mario Bros. U is more interested in making new memories than retreading the character’s celebrated history. It’s clear now that the team saved its best for NSMB U, and early Wii U owners should not pass that up.”

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Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge

From the review: “Ninja Gaiden: Razor’s Edge still remains the weakest title in the Ninja Gaiden trilogy, but additions like the Ayane missions and balancing tweaks make the game a decent, gloriously gory action title. Many of the flaws from the original Ninja Gaiden 3 have been addressed, and, at times, you’ll feel the same thrill you would from the first two titles in the series. But the weak story, repeat enemies, and frame-rate issues still hold the bloody title back from the greatness of its prestigious pedigree.”

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Nintendo Land

From the review: “As a whole, all 12 games contain enough variety to make Nintendo Land a perfectly satisfying way to familiarize yourself with the Wii U, but the reliance on Nintendo nostalgia is a blessing and a curse. Non-fans will be confused by references to little played NES and Game & Watch games. Oppositely, Nintendo fanboys will enjoy the references, but won’t like settling for imitations of games like F-Zero and Zelda instead of the real thing. In spite of all that, Nintendo Land is a great introduction to the Wii U, even if it lacks the longevity of Wii Sports.”

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Rabbids Land

From the review: “For early adopters of the Wii U, Rabbids Land offers up some dependable thrills for your bucks, and the maniacal creatures that star in these games are still a hoot. But with all the choices available at launch, particularly in the party genre, Rabbids Land is too predictable to be a must-buy, unless you’re the type of person that wishes Nintendo Land was more like Mario Party. Otherwise, wait for this one to hit the bargain bin.”

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