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HUGE SPOILER WARNING: this is why Quiet is nearly naked in MGS 5

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain provokes so many questions. Why does Snake do a heel-turn from peacekeeping soldier to nefarious traitor? Why is Quiet wearing a bikini and sweat-trapping pantyhose in the desert? Metal Gear?! Thanks to the Washington Post's review, we finally know the answer to the second question, at least.

If it wasn't obvious from the headline, this next bit comes with a MASSIVE SPOILER WARNING. If you don't want to read about one of The Phantom Pain's significant plot points before encountering it yourself, this is your chance to exfiltrate. Just to be safe, let me block your view with some sexy Quiet cosplay (just like series creator Hideo Kojima asked for).

Alright, warning over. This is the Washington Post's explanation for Quiet's (lack of) clothes, referencing a plot-centric species of parasite: "she’s infected with a form of the parasite that requires her to absorb water and oxygen through her skin to stay alive."

Do you feel ashamed for critiquing her wardrobe and/or ogling her yet?

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