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When In Rome review

An unlucky-in-love American ups sticks to Italy to find a man...

Romcoms aren’t exactly known for their airtight plots, but the imbecilic When In Rome stomps all over logic and plausibility with such scorched Earth abandon that you almost have to admire its wilful stupidity.

Kristen Bell toplines as Beth, a young, beautiful, upwardly mobile New Yorker who (magically) is terribly unlucky in love. While in Italy for her younger sister’s wedding, Beth snatches some coins from a (magic) fountain, and all of the men (no women? Magic!) who tossed said coins in fall in love with her, even comically mismatched shlubs like Danny DeVito and Jon Heder.

While fending off her bewitched suitors, she romances a dashing young journalist ( Josh Duhamel), pratfalls wildly and learns a few lessons in life and love.

Bell is fine, Rome is gorgeous and DeVito is hilarious as a pushy sausage king, but the Disney-on-Viagra concept is just embarrassing for everyone involved. Viewer included.

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