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Wasteland 3 developer is working on two unreleased RPGs

(Image credit: InXile Entertainment)

Wasteland 3 developer Inxile Entertainment is working on two new RPGs. In a tweet this week (via PC Gamer) CEO Brian Fargo confirmed that multiple new games are in the works, in addition to the studio's current projects.

In response to a fan asking about new games, Fargo said that "we are working on wonderful new RPGs," but that "it's too bad they take so long to make." That would suggest that whatever's next for Inxile is still some time away, an idea backed up by Fargo's follow-up tweet - about an hour after his first message, he said "I should probably clarify that our second RPG is in the infancy of pre-production," the very earliest stages of development in which a game is likely to change dramatically.

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Two new games probably means that it'll be a busy few years for Inxile. As well as Wasteland 3, which released earlier this year, the studio is working on VR shooter Frostpoint: Proving Grounds, which is also set to release in 2020. With two other games in various stages of developments, the team's slate is starting to look pretty stacked.

There's no word right now as to what those titles might actually be, although I'd say the idea that at least one of them is a future Wasteland game seems a pretty safe bet. Whatever happens, it's likely to be a little while before we hear anything more concrete.

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