Topless Women Talk About Their Lives review

Not a documentary about Page Three girls, but a ramshackle New Zealand `comedy' about modern relationships and friendships, this plays as a Kiwi Love And Other Catastrophes.

The characters are a motley group of twentysomething Aucklanders, entwined in various ways. There's Liz (Cormack) who's pregnant and can't decide between the child's dad or her current boyfriend; Prue (O'Neill) who's about to marry Polynesian-born Mike; and increasingly disturbed film director Ant (Hughes), whose movie is called Topless Women Talk About Their Lives.

Praised to the skies in its native country for its freshness and vitality, the highly-improvised Topless Women suffers from many faults: bargain-basement production values, a leaden soundtrack and clumsy shifts in tone. Why we should actually care about its protagonists is a genuine mystery.

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