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Thimbleweed Park walkthrough and puzzle solutions guide

Part Eight - The Escape

For the next part, open the C4 to get foil and the unwrapped explosives. Use the C4 on the blast door in the hallway outside the office and then use the defective Ransome the Clown candy dispenser to light it. This will open up the door.

Head through the open doorway into the next room and quickly move to the end of the hall to push the red button to disable the robots. If you take too long to reach it, don’t worry. Just go into the office and crash the system. Then try again. Continue to the next screen, which is full of lasers.

In order to pass through this room, you’ll need to use the aluminium foil you got from the C4 on the pirate hat you picked up from the office. This will give you the foil-covered hat. Put it on using Delores and walk through the lasers to the other side of the room. Open the next door and head through.

The obstacle that follows is a giant spinning fan. Read the sign positioned below to find a number to call, and then switch to Franklin. Phone the number and the fan should switch off. This will allow Delores to slip through the gap in the fan.

After you pass into the next room, you’ll notice that the room is overheating. Switch back to Franklin and turn the fan back on. This will cool the room, allowing you to interact with nearby objects.

Head to the ladder in the room, climb it, and open the trap door. The rest of the characters should teleport back to the office, no matter where they are.

Assume control of Ray and travel through the trap door. Now use the strange tool on the slot by the main computer. A doorway will open as a result. Take Delores inside and start pushing the tubes in, then have a conversation with Uncle Chuck. The others will enter and you’ll receive four inventory items: Uncle Chuck’s confession, a Game of the Year award, an apology card, and a balloon animal. Now you’ll have to wrap up the loose ends.

In order to finish Reyes’s story, take him to the Nickel News in town and give Uncle Chuck’s confession to the reporter. She’ll type up the story, clearing your father’s name for the factory fire, and your perspective will shift back to the other characters in the factory.

Next up, go to ThimbleCon87 with Ray and give the GOTY award to the game developer. He’ll leave, allowing you to pick up the item that you were hired to find. This is the puzzle dependency chart off the front of the stand. You’ll be treated to a quick cutscene thereafter and Ray’s story will be resolved.

Now it’s time to switch to Ransome. Go to the diner and give Sandy the apology card. She’ll initiate a flashback, allowing you to do the show from the beginning of the game again. Perform onstage and you’ll eventually be left with two characters: Franklin and Delores.

Assume control of Franklin first and head to the penthouse of the hotel. Talk to Xavier. You’ll probably notice that you can now stand up to him. Take advantage of this and berate him until he eventually breaks down in tears. Franklin will now take the crystal, allowing you to speak with the living.

Go into the room with the runes on the door, and then switch to Delores and move her to this location. Use either of the characters to talk to the other. At the end of the conversation, Franklin will finally be able to move on. Now we’re just left with Delores.

The clue for wrapping up Delores’s story is present in the initial Kickstarter for the game. Go to the bridge location and use the balloon animal on the dead body, as depicted in the pitch video. This enters you into a more basic version of the town.

From here, make your way back to the chamber in the factory where Uncle Chuck is located and start pushing in the tubes again. Once you’ve done this, this will initiate the end credits.

Congratulations, you’ve beaten Thimbleweed Park.