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Thimbleweed Park walkthrough and puzzle solutions guide

Parts Four & Five - The Will & The Reading

Switch through the characters to watch the separate cutscenes. This will update your objectives.

Then change to Franklin and talk to Clara in the lift. She’ll mention that she’s hungry, so go to the convention room buffet table and talk to Vergil. He’ll give you some cake if you say it’s for Clara.

Chill this and give it to her. Then ask her about what she does to stem off boredom. She’ll tell you the name of her favourite show.

With this information, go to floor 10 and zap the TV outside the lift to play the show. This will distract her once the elevator doors open and she’ll leave her station. You can now access the Penthouse.

Swap now from Franklin to Delores and talk to the hotel manager and the dragon by the convention room. After a while a cutscene will play showing Ray and Reyes sneaking into the hotel.

Check the phone with Reyes then head outside. Do the same with Ray. There will then be a cutscene showing the two meeting in the lobby, where they both get packages from the manager. Open these up to reveal a broken watch and a strange tool. Your next mission will be to fix the watch. Willie is the man for the job, but he’ll need jeweller’s tools and demands that you get them to change the song on the radio.

Fixing the watch

Switch to Delores and head to the KSCUM radio station and stand by the PhoneTron 3000. Remove the tube to cut the phone lines and then put it back in. Quickly switch back to Ray in the hotel room and call the radio station (the number is in the phonebook).

You’ll get through to the host almost immediately and she’ll ask you three 1980s-themed trivia questions. If you answer two out of three correct, you’ll win some tickets to ThimbleCon87, the convention taking place downstairs.

Once you’ve secured the tickets, change character to Ransome and go to the diner. Eat a hot dog, then order a burger from Sandy. She can only give you one when all the hot dogs are gone from the display.

Go outside and walk to the corner of Main Street and B Street. There will be a guy dressed in a Pizza costume. Insult him and he’ll drop a pizza flyer. Pick this up and then head to the hotel to pick up the ThimbleCon tickets you just won, using the pseudonym you gave with the other character.

Give the ticket to the dragon and enter the con, then go to the comic desk. Give the Ransome the Clown comic to Ken Thien and he will bestow you with a guide to an old adventure game in return.

Your next step is to move into the room on the far right and compete in the Ransome the Clown lookalike contest. No matter what you do, you’ll come in third here, with your reward being a Theremin record.

After you’ve done this, head outside the room and give the burger to Sexy Riker (now there’s a sentence I’d never thought I’d write). Then follow him up to his room floor. Wait around and you should see him come out of his room. Swap to Franklin, zap the door, and then swap back to Ransome to get the jeweller’s tools. Pass these to Reyes and give the Theremin record to Ray (note: if Reyes or Ray goes missing, talk to Willie and they should reappear).

The next step requires coordination between these three characters. Climb the radio tower with Ransome, go to the jail cell with Reyes, and travel to the radio station with Ray. Flip the switch at the top of the tower with Ransome, turning off the station’s signal. Then change to Ray and use the Theremin record on the station turntable. Flip the switch in the control room to play it. Take control of Reyes and give Willie the tools and ask him to fix your father’s watch. You now have a perfectly repaired pocket watch.

Reading the will

You now need to change to Delores, as your next task is to get the lawyer to read Uncle Chuck’s will.

The bank on Main Street should now be open, so go inside and give the ticket stub from the cheque book to El Paulo, the bank manager. He’ll give you a cancelled cheque in return.

Take this to Brant at ThimbleCon 87 and he’ll agree to read the will. Meet him in the mansion library and listen to the conditions that Uncle Chuck specified for the will reading. You’ll now be tasked with cracking the code that the will is written in, as well as opening his tomb doors, and finding a Thimbleberry Pie.

Cracking the will code

To crack the code on the will, you first need to go to your bedroom. Pick up Graphics BASIC from beside the computer, as well as the Maths trophy, and the Susiboy’s Red Gel Decoder.

Use Graphics BASIC on the computer, then use the will on the machine. It will change the code into hex language. You’ll now need Uncle Chuck’s lucky number to decode the rest. According to Delores, he used it to win the lottery.

Go to the Nickel News and search for the paper about Uncle Chuck’s lottery win in the stacks. This will give you the number that you need. Use the computer in Delores’s room once again and input the digits that you find. You will now have decoded the will. Return with it to the library and give it to Brant.

Thimbleberry Pie

Next up, head into town and talk to Ricki Lee about her famous Thimbleberry Pie. She’ll tell you that she will make you one, but that she doesn’t have any Thimbleberries. Ask her where to find some and she will give you some gloves to go pick some.

From here, travel to Madame Morena’s store, located at the end of A Street. Grab the cursed head in the alcove near the counter, then push the ladders so that you can climb all the way up and grab the book of the dead.

Finally, go to the Quickie Pal and get the bear repellent from the counter, so you can travel safely through the woods.

Now you have all the items you need, make your way to the trailhead. The trick to this part is to enter the forest and use the cursed head to go in the right direction until you find some berries. Once you’ve done this, pick them by using the gloves on the bush, then return to Ricki Lee to get the Thimbleweed Pie. You can now take it to Brant.

Opening the Tomb Doors

The final condition of the will requires you open the gates to Uncle Chuck’s tomb.

To do this, go to the penthouse and use the cursed book and a flower from Chuck’s grave on the podium in the room with the runes on the door.

After you’ve done this, you’ll need to go into this room as Franklin and use the book. This will open a portal to the cemetery. Head through it and into the tomb and then zap the switch to open the door.

You’ve now fulfilled all of the conditions of the will, so head back to library as Delores and talk to your family and the lawyer.

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