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Thimbleweed Park walkthrough and puzzle solutions guide

Part Three - The Arrest (The Circus)

Next, head to the circus as Ray and interact with the gate to get Ransome to appear. Talk to him and then leave. You’ll now be able to switch to Ransome.

Swap to him and grab the postal note from the notice board, the comic book from the bed, and the cheese from the fridge. Then open the safe and pick up the joke book and the separate pages.

One of the pages will fly off when you try to collect it, but don’t worry about that for now. Instead head through the main entrance of the big top and put some cheese by the hole that the mouse comes out of.

Go back outside and take the popcorn bag from the cart on the far left. Then reenter to find the pile of popcorn that the mouse has collected. Pick it up, go back to your trailer, and feed your pet hamster in the microwave. Now you need to let Delores in by opening the circus gates.

Once you’ve done this, head to the trampoline that’s outside your trailer and switch to Delores. Do the same with her, then push the trampoline closer to the left staircase. Ransome should now be able to climb up some stairs and jump on the trampoline to get the page that flew away before. You now have all the pages of the joke book, so reassemble it. You can do this by using each page on the book itself.

Keep controlling Ransome and head into town to visit the post office on A Street. You can pick up your undelivered package here by talking to George behind the counter. Once he hands it over, open the package and you’ll receive some defective samples in your inventory, including a Ransome wallet and a candy dispenser.

Leave and there will be a homeless man named Willie asking for Ransome swag outside. Give him the Ransome-branded wallet and he’ll give you his old bloodied one that he got from Boris, the murder victim. Go and use this on the BloodTron 3000 in the coroner’s office, then swap to Ray and pick up the gasoline from outside the mansion.

From here, head to the Quickie Pal bathroom (located on the side of the building), push the light switch, and pick up some spare toilet paper. Then head for the bridge on the city map.

Use the toilet paper on the corpse to get a soggy blood sample.

Look for a chainsaw in the foliage to the left. Use the chainsaw with the gasoline and then chop the tree blocking the sewer entrance. You now have access to the sewers again.

Go inside and open the box to push the light switch. Then go through the first tunnel. Walk to the very end, then go through the first tunnel you see on the next screen. You should be below A Street.

From here, enter the next tunnel you happen across, then go through the only passageway. Walk again to the end of the screen. The first entranceway you see on the next one will lead you to a room full of items. Pick up the ice pick. Then use the map to leave.

Travel to A Street and show George your FBI badge in the post office. You should now be able to take some of the sticky tape from the counter. Use the fingerprint kit on the ice pick, then use the sticky tape to get a print.

Afterwards, head to the Quickie Pal toilets and dry the blood sample under the dryer.

You should have all the samples you need for the machines in the Coroner’s office. Talk to Willie in the jail cell and you’ll trigger the beginning of Part Four.

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