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These are the Xbox games to get during this week's Deals With Gold

Another week, another selection of games on sale for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. And this time there's plenty of high-quality stuff to select from, whether you're aiming to put down a few super mutants, burn rubber across the world, punch some faces in a martial arts tournament, use magic to uncover a conspiracy, or visit a cyberpunk vision of Paris.

If you thought those sounded oddly specific, that's because I went ahead and gathered up the best of the bunch, and have the games on sale that you should be checking out listed below. These prices are only good if you have a current Gold membership, and will expire on April 18, so fire up your console and get to it if you want to pick any of them up.

Oh, and if you're curious as to what we think of each game, not only do I have links to the full reviews, but snippets from those reviews are posted in this article as well. Enjoy!

Dishonored: Definitive Edition was $40 / £30, now 50% off: "It's hide and seek, played by your own rules, and those rules have a knock-on effect on the world around you. Violent actions are rewarded by arguably more difficult environments as you progress, with more plague-infected Weepers and vicious rats, not to mention disgusted reactions from NPCs. Play nice, however, and everything is comparatively sweetness and light. Or as much as is possible in such a murky, devastated city, at least."

Fallout 4 was $60 / £50, now 17% off: "You’re never far from a discovery or a new thing. Whether it’s a mission thread, a random faction clash, a new settlement or just a bit of environmental narrative detail - the whole world is a story waiting to be told by the direction you take next. There are radio signals to follow, conversations to overhear, bodies with notes on them, abandoned buildings full of potential and so on. It’s the kind of game where you set a mission marker, head off to begin it and then four hours and multiple accidental side quests later you remember what you went out for. MILK! No, wait, kill all the super mutants."

Forza Motorsport 6 was $60 / £50, now 17% off: "The game's biggest new feature is probably wet weather driving – and it's gorgeous. I scoffed at all the hype around the game's puddles, but I take it all back. These are some seriously sexy puddles. They're not dynamic (so they're always in the same place and don't get bigger or dry up), but they behave exactly like real puddles, making your car hydroplane, or dragging it off-line and onto the wet grass, where you're heading straight to the scene of the accident."

Remember Me was $40 / £20, now 75% off: "From the towering skyscrapers and rotundas of the city's wealthier districts, to the condemned streets of the slums lined with junkies who've indulged in a few too many memories, each area is loaded with rich detail. You'll get a great sense of both the positive and destructive impacts technology has had on the inhabitants of Remember Me's world. And though its residents speak with an overwhelming amount of silly jargon and titular words (expect to hear the word "remember" at least 800 times), Neo-Paris begs to be explored."

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Online was $15 / £10, now 60% off: "In the realm of fighting games, few are held in as high regard as Capcom's 1999 effort, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. The second follow up to 1997’s Street Fighter III, 3rd Strike is beloved by die-hards as one of the pinnacles of the genre. It doesn't take a genius to realize that replacing M.Bison with an anime version of Fabio in a banana hammock is going to cost you some fans, but Capcom wanted a different experience, and made sure 3rd Strike played and looked differently than Street Fighter II. So does this HD Remix live up to the hype? The short answer is yes, absolutely."

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