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There's no way this Game of Thrones edition Xbox One fits next to your TV

Game of Thrones season six came to a close last night, so what better way to pass the time until season seven than with a GoT-themed Xbox One? Okay, I could think of a few better ways, but still. The point is, Xbox France has a custom console that calls to mind the opening of HBO's pop culture phenomenon, and it is very pretty.

You can't buy this special, unwieldy Xbox One in the store though. There are only six of them to go around, and you'll have to partake in Xbox France's contest to have a shot at claiming one. According to the company's Twitter account, retweeting the link below or composing your own tweet with the "XboxLovesGoT" hashtag will enter you for the drawing.

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It's not clear if there are regional restrictions in this contest, so I just hope that if you win, you can speak French. Because Google Translate probably isn't going to be an acceptable substitute.

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Sam Prell
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