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The new Matrix movie could be a Morpheus origin story starring Michael B. Jordan

After the mind-bending news that the new Matrix movie would be neither a reboot or a remake, you’d be forgiven for thinking just what on earth could a Matrix movie deal with. It turns out we could be heading to prequel territory – the origins of Morpheus to be exact.

Originally played by Laurence Fishburne in the original trilogy, the mysterious Morpheus was never really explored in the Matrixverse, even in the countless comics, terrible video games, and other spin-offs. However, as reported by BirthMoviesDeath, Michael B. Jordan could be donning the shades of a young Morpheus.

Sources have suggested that higher-ups at Warner Bros. are keen on a young Morpheus movie, although the idea “is one of several being kicked around.” Agent Smith buddy comedy, anyone?

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Image: Warner Bros.

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