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The new Avengers: Infinity War trailer gives us the biggest clue yet as to how Thanos wins

It’s time for the endgame. The new Avengers: Infinity War trailer is pulling no punches over Thanos’ quest to, in his words, wipe out half the universe. In fact, we’ve been given our first big hint as to how the Mad Titan might do just that. Thankfully, it’s not all doom and gloom, as we also get the MCU’s two silver tongues give us a verbal joust, and Spidey putting his (webbed) foot in his mouth. 

A click of the fingers...

This isn’t just hyperbole from Gamora. If you know your comics, you’ll know that Thanos LITERALLY kills half the universe by clicking his fingers. I’ll bet good money that he’s aiming to do the same again. It’d be a killer ending before Avengers 4

A Strange name

We've got every crossover under the moons of Titan coming our way, but one looks to best every other in terms of WTF-ness. Doctor Strange and Spidey couldn’t be anymore different - and Peter Parker proves that to be the case with the most boneheaded comment about superhero names. Use your Spider-Sense next time, Pete!

Gift of the gab

Star-Lord. Iron Man. It’s the stuff of one-liner dreams. Unfortunately for Tony Stark, Peter Quill isn’t enamoured with his plans. Expect the brief interlude in the trailer to be just a tease of some epic eye rolling and a cacophony of cockiness. 

Cap vs Thanos

Other Avengers have been seen fighting (or possibly fighting) Thanos, but not THE Avenger. Cap is seen trying to hold off Thanos’ big great fist. And he’s losing. Uh-oh. 

Too many great moments to count 

Now this is a trailer. No real ruinous moments, a few fantastic fan-service moments and so much more. Loki! Thor going HAM (Hard-Ass Motherf*cker) with thunder! Hulkbuster! Wakanda! Can I use the Time Stone to jump forward to the release date?

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