The name's Craig... Daniel Craig

You knew it, we knew it and now everyone knows it. For the first time in twenty years, since Roger Moore grappled with Grace Jones in A View To A Kill, we have an English James Bond.

Daniel Craig, who arrived at today's press conference by speed boat, was ceremoniously announced as the new 007 to an animated press throng. When asked whether he'd been confident about getting the part, he replied: "I had a confidence about it but I only knew for sure on Monday. I had a martini when I found out."

Craig will be measured for the shoulder holster imminently as production on Casino Royale is slated to start in January 2006. Just as Irishman Pierce Brosnan before him, Daniel’s journey as JB will begin under the direction of GoldenEye helmer Martin Campbell.

Royale was the first Fleming novel to feature the suave secret agent, which is what sparked the rumours that the new Bond would be younger than Craig’s 37 years. When asked why it took so long to announce the new Bond, particularly since Craig's name had been in the frame for months, producer Barbara Broccoli said: "Simple. We didn't have a script until recently and when Daniel Craig read the script, he agreed to do it."

Casino Royale sees a young(-ish) Bond just earning his 007 stripes and on his first mission - attempting to stop a Russian spy from financing a terrorist group through a stint at a casino card table. The producers confirmed that in the current script there is no Q or Miss Moneypenny. But it's okay, the script is in safe hands with Crash writer Paul Haggis working on a final draft.

Our intrepid reporter is hot-footing it back to Total Film from Tower Bridge at this very moment. So check back in later today for a full update on the press conference and loads of great quotes...