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The Last Night - a Bladerunner-style side-scroller - is console exclusive to Xbox One

At its E3 2017 press conference today, Microsoft unveiled The Last Night - a brand new game coming as a launch exclusive to the PC, Xbox One, the newly unveiled Xbox One X.

It's hard to describe, this one, as it's not entirely clear what is it or what it's about, but from the brief teaser we've seen tonight, it appears to be a pixel-art-esque side-scrolling game that's more than faintly reminiscent of Bladerunner thanks to the smouldering ruins of a futuristic city and the abundance of neon lights. 

While we don't know much else about the new title, the teaser does confirm 4K Ultra HD and HDR for Xbox One X and is a launch exclusive to Xbox One. 

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Vikki Blake
Part of GR+'s news crew, Vikki is a (jumpy) survival horror survivalist with a penchant for sci-fi, shooters, thrillers, and a strong cup of Yorkshire tea. A committed Guardian and Spartan, she's terrible at FPSs, but loves 'em all the same.