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"THE GIFTED… ENDED EVERY SUPERHERO SHOW" – The best (shouty) reactions to the new X-Men show

It’s easy for superhero TV shows to fall by the wayside due to their flashier, more expensive movie cousins. That doesn’t sound like the case with The Gifted, though. The X-Men spin-off has hit the ground running and, you guessed it, it’s better than *shudder* The Inhumans.

The internet love being negative Nellies when it comes to fresh, new properties so it’s nice to see the vast majority share in their love for a new show. Here are the best reactions – all caps or otherwise – to Fox’s The Gifted.

The Gifted vs. The Inhumans: who wins?

It even brought the feels *sniff*

And a couple of neat Easter eggs (including Stan Lee!)

Ready for next week?

In fact, everyone was pretty impressed...

...though there's ALWAYS one

Oh, and Amy Acker is in it. As if you needed another reason to watch.

A Stan Lee cameo, an all-round great ensemble (though not as many characters as the new Twitter update), and an engaging story in the X-Men-verse. What are you waiting for? Go watch!

If you want to keep tabs on The Gifted, it’s showing every Monday on Fox in the US, and will be available wherever Fox is shown at some point in the near future.

Image: Fox/Marvel

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