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The Future According to Videogames

As inherently curious creatures by design, we'd all like to know what the future has in store for us. Unfortunately, until some clever brain invents a magical telescope that can offer an accelerated glimpse through time and space into the swirling mists of tomorrowday, we'll have to make do with such unproven gypsy-peddled hokum-pokum as astrology and tarot cards. But that doesn't stop creative types fabricating their own futurescapes. And videogames in particular enjoy high-speeding along the temporal tightrope, conjuring its own make-believe predictions of how the next few thousand years or so in Earth history could pan out.

So, laid out right here in the present is the future of the world according to videogames. Hold on tight, because we're doing the time warp from 2009 to 7268.

Korean reunification ends in violent conflict. The Allied Nations invade North Korea in an attempt to disarm 30 nuclear warheads.
Mercenaries | PS2 | 2005

Hostile alien attack launched against international lunar base and other key locations on Earth.
Incoming | Dreamcast | 1998

Venezuela's military dictator takes control of the country's oil supply. Forces from the Universal Petroleum Corporation, the Allied Nations, the Chinese PLA and the People's Liberation Army of Venezuela occupy the country in an effort to overthrow the dictator.
Mercenaries 2: World in Flames | PS3, 360 | 2008

After a 5000 year hiatus, magic returns to the world.
Shadowrun | 360 | 2007

Alien race known as the Hierarchy invades Earth with designs on strip-mining the planet of its resources.
Universe at War | 360, PC | 2007

Aided by a woman with a magic broomstick, mankind launches a counter-attack against a vicious demon army that has appeared through an accidentally opened dimensional gateway.
Bullet Witch | 360 | 2007

Rebels capture the US President in Mexico City during a military coup.
GRAW | 360 | 2006

Major unrest in Middle East as conflict between militias and private military companies escalates. The use of nanotechnology on the battlefield is widespread.
Metal Gear Solid 4 | PS3 | 2008

Full-scale nuclear war between Saudi Arabia and Iran leaves 20 million dead. The price of crude oil reaches $800 a barrel.
Tom Clancy's EndWar | PS3, 360 | 2008

Formidably sized extraterrestrial ants, robots, monsters, spiders etc invade Earth and consequently cause havoc.
Earth Defense Force 2017 | 360 | 2007

Terrorists attack the Kennedy Space Center as the United States prepares to launch a military space station that will augment its position as the dominant world superpower.
Tom Clancy's EndWar | PS3, 360 | 2008

Scientists in the employ of the United States continue to experiment with nanotechnologies. However, an outbreak of mutants on a secluded island where much of the research is based gives scientists cause for concern.
Nano Breaker | PS2 | 2005

Interstellar war between two alien races - the Maians and the Skedar - reaches Earth. The Skedar plot to destroy mankind, but are stopped by Maians and human agents from the Carrington Institute.
Perfect Dark | N64 | 2000

Artistic anarchy erupts on the streets of Tokyo as rollerblading gangs of graffitists rebel against the authoritarian grip of the city's mayor and corrupt police force.
Jet Set Radio Future | Xbox | 2002

At the peak of a global energy crisis, and in a struggle to control the remaining - and rapidly disappearing - oil fields, war breaks out between the Western Coalition (United States and the European Union) and the Red Star Alliance (Russian Federation and People's republic of China).
Frontlines: Fuel of War | 360, PC | 2008

New Chicago has been formed. It's a dangerous place.
Time Killers | Arcade | 1992

Earth is overrun by a new breed of powerful 'Super Criminal'. Their leader is known as Scumocide.
Captain Commando | Arcade | 1991

The ultimate doomsday device is discovered in Northern Russia. The world's two opposing superpowers - the West's Free World Alliance and the East's Cartel - race to seize control of the weapon.
Cyberia | PC | 1994

The International Corps for Peace is formed by most of the world's nations in an effort to promote a harmonious existence between its peoples. The unification is only partially successful, however, and some countries join forces against the ICP.
Conflict Zone | Dreamcast, PC, PS2 | 2001

Due to hazardous levels of pollution, much of Earth is uninhabitable. The world is in economic crisis and all nations have combined to form the World Coalition Government. A secret police operates to ensure citizens remain passive.
Oni | PC, PS2 | 2001

Private military corporation, Mantel Global Industries, dispatches troops to suppress a rebel faction operating in South America. It's soldiers are bio-medically enhanced for optimum battlefield performance.
Haze | PS3 | 2008

A deadly pandemic sweeps around the globe. A vaccine is supplied only to society's select elite. Various terrorist organisations fight for fair distribution of the life-saving drug. The United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition is formed to counter the new threat.
Deus Ex | PC | 2000

The F3600 anti-gravity racing league season is hosted in Canada, Japan, Germany, Russia, United States and Greenland.
Wipeout | PSOne | 1995

Dwindling oil reserves cause a global crisis and - as nations fight for remaining resources - starts an indiscriminate exchange of nuclear warheads.
Killzone 2 | PS3 | 2009

World War III devastates the planet, leaving it uninhabitable. Mankind begins searching space for a new home.
Star Ocean: The Last Hope | 360 | 2009

The battleground to control Earth's vanishing resources expands into space as Earth's rival governments - the Federation and Axis - fight for territorial control of the moon. Both sides develop and employ mechanised assault suits in battle.
Cybernator | SNES | 1993

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