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The Division has patched out that damage stacking bug

Good news for people trying to play The Division properly: Ubi has deployed a hot fix to address the talent stacking bug that turned up the other day. It’s also fixed an issue where players could double revive others by holding the button down. 

Here are the patch notes

• Fixed a bug where players could revive others twice by holding the Revive key

• Fixed a bug where Talent effects could be stacked by repeatedly switching the equipped weapon. This should also resolve the recent server instability that was due to the increased traffic generated by this bug.

Overall reaction has been positive from an otherwise disgruntled community, mainly gratitude for fixing it before the weekend. There’s still away to go though, with the mobile cover glitch still causing problems - players are able to deploy cover through walls to then reach areas they’re not meant to be in. Currently most people just want the whole thing taken out until Ubi can make it work. 

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