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The Best, Worst & Funniest Star Trek Cosplay

The Texas Chainsaw Picard

Crusher, we salute.

The Texas Chainsaw Picard, on the other hand?

Someone, anyone, hold us.

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Boldly, Babealiciously Going

Model Bianca Beauchamp has a reputation on the Cosplay circuit (she's already modelled Supergirl to fanboy-baiting effect).

And you can't deny she's got the costume down. Although we can't help but feel it probably breaks a few Starfleet Regulations in the whole 'sizing' department.

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Hippy Klingon

Erm, we think this is a Klingon.

A hippy klingon at least. Nice tie-dye hairband.

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Teddy Scare


Confusing, but daw.

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Star Trek Into Pugness

To boldly go where no pug has pugged before...

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Starfleet Miniskirt

We have a feeling Starfleet would have a minimum hemline requirement.

And that is not it.

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USS Doggyprise

If you can find a dog dressed as the Enterprise better than this, let me know.

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Lady Data

Data gets ladyfied - and looks amazing for it.

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You can't really ever go wrong with a good tribble, can you?

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Klingon Croupier

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