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TalkRadar UK #30: Hot and bothered

The talking heads this week...

What to expect

- Our thoughts on the price point of the Modern Warfare 2 DLC
- An insight into who Cundy's favourite game characterstrippers are
- Talk ofan NHL 10mini-game featuring ice skating bears. Sort of. See below
- A chilling insight into the things Meiks would've done if he hadn't spent so much time on PES
- And the best punchline to a kid's joke evah! Works everytime, apparently

Above: Matt would only play NHL if it had a sub-game like this

GamesRadar Hotline

Despite it being a massive success, we forgot to take the phone to the studio this week. Sorry about that. Next week we'll be answering your questions, playing your voicemails and reading out the pleading texts for jobs/games and the like. Promise.


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The info bit

Post date: Wednesday 17th March 2010
Run time: 46 minutes 1 second
Music by:Sabrepulse