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Suicide Squad hunts the new Swamp Thing in fall DC crossover

The Swamp Thing #6
(Image credit: Mike Perkins (DC))

There's a new Swamp Thing taking root in DC's comic books, and the Suicide Squad's next mission is to hunt him down and kill him in a two-part crossover event this August.

(Image credit: Eduardo Pansica (DC))

In the August 3 issues of Suicide Squad #6 and The Swamp Thing #6, Amanda Waller sets her sights on the new Swamp Thing, Levi Kamei - first by sending Peacemaker, then the whole team. This was announced as part of DC's August 2021 schedule.

Robbie Thompson, Dexter Soy, and Eduardo Pansica kick things off in Suicide Squad #6.

"Bloodsport's first mission with the Squad goes pear-shaped as the Crime Syndicate captures Amanda Waller's agent on Earth-3. By sending in a team to bring Bloodsport home, Waller may also be able to extract another Suicide Squad member for her new team, if she plays her cards right and doesn't care who else she loses in the process," reads DC's description of Suicide Squad #6. "As part of the team heads into the Multiverse, Peacemaker gets a new assignment to track down and eliminate Levi Kamei—the new Swamp Thing!"

(Image credit: Mike Perkins (DC))

That's then continued by Ram V and Mike Perkins over in The Swamp Thing #6.

"With Prescot's bio-agent set off in the Kaziranga wetlands, the Green summons Levi back to the land of his making," reads DC's description of The Swamp Thing #6. "With Levi unable to access his powers as Swamp Thing, he finds himself trapped in the dense forest and stalked by a group tasked with retrieving his alter ego at all costs. Will he recover his powers before he is hunted down by the Suicide Squad?"

Look for more on this in upcoming issues of The Swamp Thing and Suicide Squad, and here at Newsarama.

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