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Here's how the Street Fighter 5 PS4 beta will work

Street Fighter 5's PS4 beta will include four stages and (eventually) six characters, Capcom has announced. The five-day testing period will begin on July 23 at 6 pm Pacific / July 24 at 2 am UK time.

Capcom first laid out its plans for the online beta back at E3 2015, where it also confirmed that special forces fighter Cammy and punk rocker Birdie will join the Street Fighter 5 roster. Ryu, Chun Li, Nash, and M. Bison will be the only fighters playable in the beta at first - Cammy and Birdie will be added a few days in to test Street Fighter 5's content delivery system.

Speaking of testing, this beta is meant solely to kick Street Fighter 5's online tires. It won't include an offline versus mode, though you will be able to wail on the CPU in The Grid training mode while you wait for an online opponent. Once you're paired up with a challenger, you'll square off in the Bustling Side Side Street (China), Terminal Station (London), or the Forgotten Waterfall.

North American players can get guaranteed beta access by pre-ordering from Amazon, Best Buy, or GameStop and redeeming the beta keys which will be sent out on July 20. Or if you're in Europe, you can sign up for a chance at a key on the official website through July 15.

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