Splinter Cell PS3: First screens

Splinter Cell Double Agent will use PS3's tilt-sensitive controller features and will offer online multiplayer that matches Xbox Live quality, Ubisoft has confirmed.

It will also come with two new multiplayer maps, fresh co-op challenges and the svelte femme fatale spy character wediscovered a few weeks ago. And these first PS3 shots show the female character in action.

In single-player, Double Agent brings SixAxis gesture technology to many of Sam's tasks - picking locks, hacking security consoles and even for swimming or paragliding at certain points during a mission; in multiplayer mode the tilt-sensitive controller can be used to pilot the mercenary's Drone unit by tilting the pad. We're not sure exactly how well this will work in practice, or while a black-clad spy is attempting to remove your head from your shoulders, but we'll find out soon.

The new spy character has much the same look as the existing operatives, only... curvier. The game itself has undergone its own makeover for PS3, and Ubisoft has used the extra time in bringing Double Agent to Sony's hardware to polish up Sam's environments. And those new maps? One's set in the NSA training center, while the other is called Kinshasa - so will be set in the broiling climes of the Congo capital city. We'll have more info soon. Until then,to check outthe rest of the new PS3 screens, hit the Images tab above.

January 30, 2007