Sony VP 'gutted' by PS3 delay

Friday 6 October 2006
Vice-president of Sony Europe, Jamie MacDonald, has admitted to being "absolutely gutted" over PS3's European delay - but also that he doesn't expect a cold shoulder from consumers after yet another snub.

"It doesn't seem that the release of our platforms after the US and Japan - in the long run - affects how our consumers feel," MacDonald told news site, pointing out that Europe has always had a massive appetite for PlayStation despite usually being the last on Sony's Christmas list.

It seems we're damned if we do buy PlayStation and damned if we don't where Sony's priorities are concerned but MacDonald hopes that eventually we'll all look back on the disappointment of the PS3 delay, laugh nervously and change the subject. "In five years' time, I don't think we'd really think about or notice that PS3 was four or five months later in Europe."

And the fact that we'll be getting a stronger selection of locally-developed titles around our fashionably late launch, like MotorStorm, Heavenly Sword, Formula One and "two or three titles in the pipeline which haven't been announced yet" might help dry our tears.