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Sony is working on a new PlayStation cloud gaming experience

PS5 DualSense
(Image credit: Future)

Sony is working on its own cloud gaming experience, and it's leaning on its now two-year-old partnership with Microsoft to help make it happen.

Speaking with Japanese outlet Nikkei (translated by VGC), Sony CEO Jim Ryan explained that, "We're still talking to [Microsoft] about exchanging ideas, and there's some very interesting stuff, so when the time is right, we'll announce our cloud strategy. We could conceivably use the cloud for our technical infrastructure, but the cloud gaming experience we're offering will be unique and only on PlayStation." 

PlayStation has dabbled with cloud gaming and other streaming services in the past, but it's yet to invest in the technology as heavily as Microsoft, which recently expanded its Xbox Cloud Gaming service with the first PC and iOS beta. PlayStation Vue was shuttered in 2020, but PlayStation Now is still kicking, and it just added some new games including Borderlands 3 and Marvel's Avengers. Sony clearly has ambitions for the cloud, even if they may not be realized until 2022 or beyond. 

But while Sony is eyeing the cloud, it's not ready to commit to a cloud-driven ecosystem in lieu of traditional console cycles. "At the end of the cycle, the cloud may play some role," Ryan said. "I'm more optimistic about the future than I was a year ago." 

"We have just released PS5, so at this point it’s time to learn how people are enjoying it, and then we’ll take the time to think about the future of PlayStation," he added. 

In the same interview, Ryan said the PS5 will have more exclusive games than any previous PlayStation generation.

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