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Skyrim Mom is your new favorite Twitter feed

Bethesda hasn't announced any plans to update Skyrim with running commentary, but if ever it did we can only hope it will employ community manager Nick Breckon's 65-year-old mom for the job.

Recently, Breckon roped his mother into playing the open-world RPG, and began tweeting the highlights and quotes from her lavender-filled quest on his Skyrim Mom feed. The results have been predictably delightful, generating such insights as:

On ranged combat: “It was all dark and everyone was hiding behind boulders, and I didn't want to die again, so I just kept shooting and shooting and shooting.” (tweet)

On accepting rides from strangers: "I got in some guy's cart and thought, 'Shit, I don't know where he's gonna take me! I had to get out; who knows where he was going.'" (tweet)

On the benefits of collecting ingredients: "I keep collecting lavender. I thought, 'Well, lavender has a very calming effect, maybe I can use the lavender on somebody.'” (tweet)

Mrs. Breckon isn't your cliche, non-gaming mom. The lady knows how to play, she's just not as experienced as most Skyrim adventurers. Therein lies the beauty of Skyrim Mom; it offers a fresh, funny, and unjaded perspective that reminds seasoned gamers what it was like to “discover” a game back when we weren't numbed down by years and years of playing.

Or maybe we're just looking too much into it. Either way, this feed reminds us we should really phone our moms.