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Skyrim mod that stops you playing Skyrim has been removed from Nexus Mods

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A Skyrim mod that makes the game literally unplayable has been removed from mod site Nexus Mods. 

NoSkyrim, a mod by ThatLittleCommie, was designed to help kick an addiction to Skyrim. As PC Gamer explains, when those who have downloaded the mod try to access the game, nothing happens. The description of the now-deleted Nexus Mods listing apparently read: “Now with NoSkyrim, instead of being able to start a new game like most Skyrim players, you just can't.” 

Although it's not a complete surprise that this mod was removed from the site, it is surprising how many Skyrim fans aren’t happy about it. The mod’s removal has sparked a number of online movements including a petition titled 'Get NoSkyrim Put Back on The Nexus', as well as a dedicated subreddit named 'Save NoSkyrim', which has amassed more than 300 members in just three days. 

In the petition, it’s mentioned that the reasoning for the mod’s removal came down to how it "purposely bugs out the game," but at time of writing more than 450 players think that's not a good enough reason to have taken the mod down. 

Given that the mod doesn't actually allow you to play the game, its removal might not come as too much of a surprise, but it does come at an interesting time for the platform. NexusMods is currently in the process of preventing users from deleting their uploads, prompting one prolific modder to remove all of their work from the platform in protest.

This isn't the only mod popular with Skyrim players. Others that have caught our attention recently include one which gives the Dovahkiin a Breath of the Wild-style paraglider, The Forgotten City mod which turns Skyrim into a Roman time loop mystery, and the much needed Skyrim mod that allows you to pet the dog

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