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Sixaxis controls can be fun!

Taking control of a toy car and zooming around bedrooms, kitchen tables and play rooms will sound like a very familiar concept to anyone who’s played Micro Machines. But PSN titleToy Home follows a slightly different path.And, better still, usesSixaxis motion control to good effect.

Steering is solely controlled by tilting thepad left and right, but unlike, say, the controls in Lair, it's never frustrating and adds to the experience rather than taking anything away.

Single player has you rushing around each level collecting coins and other bonuses while causing as much mess and destruction as you can within the time limit. While in multiplayer, both on and off-line,you and a friend can go head to head in a race to see who can collect the most coins before the clock hits zero.

The bright colours and solid environments complement the simple gameplay structure well, and while this may be aimed at younger gamers you’ll soon find yourself pushing them off so you can have one more go at beating the high score.