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Shark Night 3D trailer swims in

shark night

The first trailer for Shark Night 3D has surfaced online.

The plot, such as it is, follows a group of nubile young things who go on a summer weekend away – and end up as bait for a curiously peckish shark.

Which is basically all you really need to know about this. Apart from that it’s in 3D, and is directed by David Ellis, who previously brought us snakes on a plane in, uh, Snakes On A Plane.

Check out the trailer below...

Helicopters, exploding boats, bloody water, Shark Night 3D seems to throw just about everything at the screen – which could bode well for that 3D experience.

But it all looks spectacularly by rote, basically filling in for Piranha 3D (it even steals some sound effects from that film’s trailer) with more topless babes, shirtless hunks, razor-fanged fish and dead young flesh.

Most bizarrely, none of the attacks we’re shown actually take place at night.

“What is this? Some kind of sick game?!” screams one terrified character. Yes, and you’re the prawn, uh, pawn .

Shark Night 3D opens 23 September.