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SFX Issue 221: On Sale Now

Look what's inside!

The Amazing Spider-Man

Behind the scenes on the upcoming movie, including exclusive interviews: stars Andrew Garfield (the new Peter Parker himself!) and Emma Stone and producer Matt Tolmach!

The Cabin In The Woods

The man himself, Joss Whedon, talks about his conundrum of a film (in cinemas now).


Any board game franchise can be improved by the addition of aliens: discuss. Director Peter Berg and star Rhiana interviewed about the big screen adaptation.

America’s Got Powers

Jonathan Ross and artist Bryan Hitch talk about their new comics collaboration.

How To Make A Tim Burton Movie

Your seven-point guide to building a Burton-style blockbuster.


Couch Potato

A teens-in-supernatural-distress marathon!


Preview of the new Luc Besson-produced sci-fi prison caper .

Also interviewed...

Game Of Thrones ’ Alfie Allen, Babylon 5 ’s Peter Jurasik, Awake ’s Jason Isaacs, Resident Evil 5 producer Jeremy Bolt, the showrunner of the Space: 2099 reboot Jace Hall, author Robert J Sawyer and more.


The Cabin In The Woods , Iron Sky , Dirk Gently , Doctor Who “The Daemons”, the new Stephen King novel The Wind Through The Keyhole , and loads more!

And Tony Blackburn

Yes, Tony Blackburn.

SFX 221 is on sale now, in shops as well as digitally (see below). You can also subscribe to the print version of SFX to save loads on the shop price. Hurrah!

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