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Save $10 on this limited edition Kait Gears 5 controller on Amazon just in time for the game

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Gears 5 is almost here but you can still get yourself a last-minute gift for playing through all the action in style, thanks to a fresh discount on Amazon. You can pick up an Xbox Wireless Controller - Gears 5 Kait Diaz Limited Edition for $64.99 on Amazon right now, a $10 discount on the controller which only went up for sale two weeks ago on August 20. It's eligible for Amazon Prime, so if you put your order in now you'll have it in plenty of time to start playing when Gears 5 comes out on September 10. It even comes with a special Ice Kait skin to use in multiplayer.

This limited-edition design matches the icy lake surface we saw in one of the first teasers for Gears 5, with a frosty grey and white front plate accented by snowy and metallic plating elements. The yellow View and Menu buttons add a nice colorful contrast along with the bright blue analog stick bases. The rear of the controller uses the same blue for its triggers and features a rubberized grip backplate, and there's even a hidden Locust symbol that matches Kait's necklace. If you really dig the look, you can pick up a matching charging controller dock and external hard drive.

If you're feeling a little hesitant about picking up new accessories with Xbox Project Scarlett looming on the horizon, two things: 1) good instincts, and 2) Microsoft has already confirmed that Xbox One controllers will be fully compatible with its next generation. So collect away!

Xbox Gears 5 Kait controller | $64.99 on Amazon, was $74.99
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Xbox has a strong lineage of lovely limited edition and special edition looks for its controllers, and the Kait Diaz Limited Edition proudly carries on that legacy. You can find deals on more designs with our guide on how to get an Xbox One controller cheap.

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