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Find all the Resident Evil 2 Film Roll locations and get the Hiding Place Treasure Hunter trophy and achievement

 Resident Evil 2 Remake Film Roll locations

It's easy to overlook Resident Evil 2 Film Roll locations. You can't do much with them until a certain point in the game and there's a bit of backtracking involved to develop any pictures. Put in the effort though and you'll find Resident Evil 2 locker codes to help with your ammo supplies and a Treasure Hunter trophy or achievement. 

The first save room you encounter will provide you with a darkroom but once you leave that building you'll have to unlock a path back to develop any films you find elsewhere. We're about to make all that a lot easier though, so read on and find out where to find each Resident Evil 2 Film Roll location. 

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Commemorative Photo Film Roll Location

This Resident Evil 2 Remake film roll is found in the Safety Deposit room with all the lockers on the first floor of the Police Station. In this room, there is a keypad with two buttons missing that you can find across the course of the game, but you won’t need them to pick up the film roll. Simply tap in ‘106’ into the pad and it will open a locker containing the Commemorative Photo film roll. 

Head back to the darkroom to develop this image and it will reveal an image of a statue holding a book and a sceptre. This is a clue to help you figure out the statue puzzle in the art room on the east side of the police station, on the second floor. You have to find a red book in the library and combine it with the arm of the statue to release sceptre, which in turn gives you the red jewel when you examine it. That in turn comes in handy for the S.T.A.R.S badge puzzle.

3F Locker Film Roll Location

The 3F Locker film roll is found in the firing range, a room found as an offshoot to the parking garage below the goddess statue in the police station. On your first visit, you won’t be able to open a door in the room but make sure to return when you have the Pink Diamond Key and you will be able to open it and gain access to the side office. 

The Pink Diamond Key is found in a body drawer in the morgue, which is the door to your left when leaving the firing range. Once inside, the film roll will be on the table. Head back to the darkroom to develop it and it will reveal the code to the locker on the third floor of the police station, which is ‘DCM’.

Head there to open it up and you will receive some magnum ammo if playing as Leon, or some submachine gun rounds if you’re exploring as Claire.

Hiding Place Film Roll Location

The third film roll in Resident Evil 2 Remake is found much later in the game in the Sewers. Once you’ve made it to the viscera-lined depths, head to the Workroom in the upper part of the Sewers and you will find the Hiding Place film roll. 

Now, if this is A scenario run, take your T-bar crank found in the sewers and head back up to the secret room below the Goddess Statue. Use the crank in this room to unlock a door back into the police department so you can access the dark room once more. If it’s a B scenario run, don’t worry about it, as the door should be open. 

Head back to the Darkroom (be cautious of new threats on your second return to the Police Department) and develop the film to receive two pictures. The pictures are carefully taken to obscure the two rooms the hiding places are in but will now enable you to find the things hidden away. Don't bother going there without developing the pictures though as you won't get anything. 

The pictures are taken in the S.T.A.R.S office on the second floor of the Police Station on the West side and the Press Room on the first floor east. 

For the S.T.A.R.S picture head for the desk that is situated within its own room, on the left when you enter the office. Go there and open the desk to receive a box, which you can then examine and open to reveal a weapon upgrade. For Leon, this is a red-dot sight for his Lightning Hawk magnum. For Claire, this is the extended magazine for her MQ 11 submachine gun. 

For the Press Room reward head head to the desk to the left of the room, at the back. Here's you'll find ammo for a special weapon each character can unlock later. 

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