Ratchet & Clank taunt Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft

Wednesday 2 May 2007
What do PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii have in common? They're all lampooned in Ratchet & Clank's next-gen adventure, Tools of Destruction.

In the PlayStation 3-exclusive romp, you'll run into a Lombax orphan called Talwyn, who's protected by two aging robots. Which is where developer Insomniac gets to work on some blunt-instrument parody - one robot is called Cronk, and boasts Blu-ray tech, while the other, Zephyr, has superior online abilities (remember Zephyr was the code name for Microsoft's worst kept secret, Xbox 360 Elite).

Both Cronk and Zephyr will be squabbling like babies throughout the game over who's got the best hardware, according to an indepth-preview of the game in the new issue of Official PlayStation Magazine.

But what's really tickling our funny bones isn't this gently mirthsome dig at Sony and Microsoft, it's the metal duo's absent comrade. Excitable, small and with a habit of throwing his arms around, Willy unfortunately never survived the trio's last battle. Ho, ho, and what not.

If you're in need of some solid gameplay info, though, how about this for a tasty factoid: one of the big new features will be two-player co-op, enabling you and a friend to use Ratchet and Clank's individual skills in tandem. Plenty to smile about here, then.