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PS5 Trophies could unlock PSN profile banners and avatars

(Image credit: Sony)

It looks as though Trophies on the PS5 will reward you with digital items for your profile. 

Last week, we were taken on a big tour of the PS5's UI, courtesy of Sony's Sid Shuman. In among all the details, two Trophies for Destruction All-Stars may have revealed that you can be rewarded items to go with your PSN profile, depending on the Trophies unlocked.

For example, you can see a screenshot of the PS5 UI tour video just below. In the description for the Gold Wreckognised Trophy for Destruction All-Stars, you can see that there's a line about a "Profile Avatar."

(Image credit: Sony)

This could mean that certain Trophies on PS5 games will unlock customizable parts for your PSN Profile, and it's certainly a plausible theory going by the screenshot above.

Elsewhere in the UI video, we can see the Bronze Rookie Trophy for Destruction All-Stars. Like the Gold Trophy, this also references a potential reward in the text underneath the Trophy name, but this time it says "Profile Banner," pointing to another customizable part of your profile.

This actually isn't an entirely new feature for PlayStation. Currently, you can earn items like themes and avatars for your PSN Profile. For example, there's a special Bloodborne theme to be earned through the game's Platinum Trophy. It looks as though Sony will be expanding the system though, offering an increased number of rewards through Trophies.

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